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Five Essential Style Skills for Men

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It is understood that various events and occasions require different dressing attires. And we know how important it is to carry each attire in style. As one cannot mix up the wrong attire with the wrong occasion, so we have got the basic style skills for you to match up with the different event. These are the clothing which every man should have in his wardrobe.

So the five essential basic style skills one must have are:

1. The Formal One:

Keeping the formal attire in your wardrobe is mandatory. You never know when you might have to ‘suit up.’ It might be an unplanned office meeting with the client, or you can get that last minute invitation to a formal party or event. So always keep your suits ready.
Now for you to get suit-up, you need to have a proper shirt, the matching or contrasting blazer/ coat and pants/ formal trousers. You can either go for over-coats or waist-coats depending on your style. And of course your formal shoes/ loafers with a primp tie or a bow if necessary. Shop the style at Amazon by below Links.

2. The Informal/ Everyday Look:

You need to keep your everyday look eye-catchy. So there are some musts for your informal attire. Your basic casual attire should consist of your t-shirt, jeans, sneakers or casual shoes. Now you can mix and match your attire with some fancy watch or accessory like a bracelet.
You need to have a variety when it comes to your t-shirt collection. Fluctuate from the solid polo tees to the printed and the graphic t-shirts. And rather than wearing just the round necked ones, go for the V-neck and the Y-neck t-shirts. Now with your jeans, you can choose from different shades to different patterns, you can either go for the solid look, or the monkey washed jeans, or you can also opt for the distressed ones.
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3. Your Sporty Look:

Your sports or your gym look needs to be comfy. You have to balance your style with the comforts. Now that fitness is a significant requirement but with the fitness, working out in style is also in trend. So your fitness and your sporty attire should include your gym bag or your backpack, with your gym clothes and shoes. A shaker is a must if you are out for a run or even for your workouts. You can make your look a bit spicy by using a bandana or a headband and some wrist straps. Now for your tees, always go for something which is stretchable with dry fit, anti sweat, and anti odor. You can also put on some tank top. For the lower, you can either opt for shorts or your comfy joggers. As important is fitness for you, you cannot leave your shoes behind, so make sure you have the appropriate footwear.
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4. The Biker Look:

Who does not like to go for long rides? You might be a lone rider, or you might like to go out on an adventurous trip with your gang. Either way, your look needs to be perfect. But safety first. Now, what could be better if you can be safe as well as be in style?
So for your safety style attire; if you often go for long rides, you need to invest in a good rider jacket, a good helmet, and riding gloves. And for your other casual outings, you can even pair your leather biker jacket with your attire.

5. Your Weekend/ Adventure Look:

Oh, the weekend is here! What should I wear? The constant question in everyone’s mind. Well if you plan to go away for a weekend, the necessary clothing which you are required to carry first depends on the type of your outing. Comfortness should be your priority in any case. So your duffle bag needs to have some loose tees, some three-fourths, and some flip-flops or the sports shoes if required. You can also match some denim shirts over your t-shirt and jeans to get the casual plus the trendy look.
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Hope you all own these five essential styling. If not, then now is the time to get the full package for your wardrobe and make a style statement in each occasion with different style.

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