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shrugs for men

After all the heavy rains, it is time for our favorite season. It is time to bury ourselves under piles of clothes, time to schedule an extra hour with our first love, of course, bed, and cuddle under that blanket with some hot beverages; so finally, winter is here. Now that you have been all trendy throughout the year let’s see how you can make a roll in the fashion world with your winter wears as well.

coming to our title, Shrugs. Shrugs have no button or zips and usually, it has worn on T-shirt or Shirt. Unlike Jackets, shrugs are not usually taken off repeatedly. Shrugs are in the fashion industry for a long time but nowadays everyone interested in shrugs fashion.

Bring out that other side of yours, feed that fashion monger with some new style. Add this stylish cardigan to your attire and be in fashion. This hooded neck cardigan is made from the cotton blend which keeps you warm as well as stylish. It is also available in various colours. while buying a shrug please make a note of below points.

  • Select Quality Shrug

Female can wear any type of Shrugs because they have a large collection of clothes which will help to wear any colour but men have a limited range of colours in this category to select. Cotton, Nylon and Woolen shrugs look good for men.

  • Select a good Color

colour selection is the very important step in the fashion. The best colour choice for men are Black, Navy blue and Gray. Try shaded version in the colours to get the neat look.

  • Long shrug

The short shrugs really don’t look fashion at all so try to take a Long shrug. shrugs reaching waist are the Best option, other short shrugs or upper shrugs won’t look good. The short shrugs are, especially for women.

  • Wear with Shirts / T-shirts

Shrugs look awesome on both shirts and T-shirts if you wear the shrug with T-shirt which has no collar won’t look good so try to wear a collared T-shirt to look good. If you wear it on a shirt, they both will complement each other.


Make your workout session stylish by the nice long shrug, Shrugs will also look good on the Formal shirts so team up with the formal shirt with the sleeves rolled up. shrugs will boost you up with confidence and seriousness which is good to try on workplace or office. when trying a new fashion it is very safe to go with black colour it will look good on shirts as well as t-shirts.

Do you wear a shrug too? Let us know your opinion on it!

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September 22, 2018

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How to wear shrug/ cardigan for men

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